Rio part 2

We are on our last days of our trip, but we still managed to squeeze in a few last minute things. For my birthday Aoife took me hang gliding over Rio, it was really amazing, my instructors wife was watching from a boat down below so he started doing loads of tricks to impress her, which whilst scaring the bejesus out of me was still really cool and adrenalin pumping. Great present :)

Later on our last night we(finally) got to see a football game in south america. We went with our hostel and didn’t find out until nearly at the stadium which side we would be with. it was a pre-season tournament between all the sides based in Rio. We were in Vascos side playing against Flamingo. we won! 2-1. it was a pretty good game, and the atmosphere was electric.

vasco fans

So that’s about it. the next day we started our long trip home to Ireland.
Its been a great experience, really loved all of it, time of my life.
Really glad i kept the blog & hopefully you enjoyed reading it.
Apologies again for all the poor grammar, spelling & structure. But in my only defense, look at where i was! i didn’t care.

Cheers for reading



apologies ahead for this post, it’s very messy, disjointed and written in a mess. much like carnival :) some pics might be up twice as well, sorry

Rio de Janeiro is a giant. It’s just mad how big it is, we have been here 3 days & have only seen maybe a tenth of the city, and its somewhat harder when the entire city is in party mode, which during Carnival it most definitely is!
We arrived late the first day so just took it easy but on day 2 we bit the bullet and did the main tourist thing to do in Rio, we visited Christ.
It was pretty special, the statue was great (but we saw it before in Bolivia)  but the views were breathtaking, just speechless of how good it was..

Carnival is nuts!
I’ve never seen an entire city party so much before, and its all extremely organised, busses, trains, shops its all geared up and ready to cope with the party croissant(an extra million come into the city for Carnival).
We have been to a few of the street party’s and its been so much fun, the craic is mental and the locals have been more than welcoming.

Next day was the gay parade day, the area is full of partying guys. They are all very into dressing up and dancing anywhere and everywhere (it being Brazil speedo’s are everywhere! !)

We popped down to Copacabana beach to have a look,  it’s the biggest beach I’ve ever seen, so many people.

Next up was the Sambadrome. This was the big one for Aoife its a huge stadium where all the samba classes compete with their dancing, costumes, colours, floats,music & madness. There is something like 8 classes each night, each class takes an hour or so, and the section we were in was full of locals, everyone stands up, dancing and singing along with all the songs(they sang, we didn’t have a clue :) we went early, so got there at 8 and stayed, dances had fun until about 3am when we left there was still another school to go its mad they can keep going all night like that.

party costumes

we also did a trip into a favela, the slums of which Rio has a lot of. we visited the largest, which has 200,000 people living there. it was an amazing tour, beginning with heading to the top of the favela on the back of motorbike taxis which really play the game, overtaking everything and anything as fast as the bikes can go heading up the twists and turns of the favela, a bit scary when the helmet is only really for show and you’re in a singlet , shorts and flip-flops but they do this 20 times a day every day.

Paraty short but sweet

Florianopilis was our first taste of Brazil, it was a big party surrounded by extremely hot beach weather and typical Irish rainy weather.  It lashed rain for two days with thunder & lightning so loud it woke our entire 14 bed room(apart from Cooper, useless).


paraty window display

But moving on from there we thought seeing as Rio is the last place of our journey (its true, sad but true) lets stop somewhere on the way and try to see a tiny bit more of Brazil. Four hours from Rio on the coast is a sleepy port colonial town called Paraty .


paraty has loads of little boats like these

It a gorgeous little town with all different coloured doors, whitewashed walls and huge cobbled streets(that are designed for the sea to creep up during high tide).





Due to technical difficulties it turned out we only had one night instead of two. And considering it took us 3 busses and the guts of a day to get there we were a bit wrecked the first night so ended up just taking it easy and enjoying our last non dorm room with air conditioning & private bathroom.
On the 2nd day we strolled down to the beach and rented some kayaks where we went around a few of the hundreds of islands that scatter the coast here. It was great, had a great time, the waterproof cameras batteries died which was a pain but it was great way to spend our last day here.

Next stop Rio!


We are finally in Brazil, 2 odd weeks left of the trip, scary scary sccary, but NOT thinking about that.
We are on an island, a fancy ass island called florianopolis. Its amazing, stunning, even more then I ever thought a Brazilian beach area would be, there’s about 8islands all connected with about 20 beaches, each one very different, the waves are huge, great fun but keep on getting completely annihilated by them.
The hostel we are staying in is a bit of a party hostel and we are getting into the swing of it(carnival prep). Yesterday we went to the biggest pool party in Brazil, it was pretty awesome, about a thousand people around huge pools/Jacuzzis most looking very pretty, me looking very Irish(sunburned,pink). Was one of the biggest parts I’ve ever been too.